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Ah, what the hell, why not.

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This community is basacly for stories. Yes.. i said stories. We wanna hear 'em.
They can be about basacly about anything but i'd like to keep everything somewhat related to the subject.

-Panhandling/Squeegeeing/Flying Signs/Car Panning etc.
-Hitch Hiking
-Train Hopping
-Road blocks
-Encounters with the Police and other "Authority Figures"
-Encounters with the general public
-Pictures are always encouraged

There aren't really any actual rules.. exept:
-No Twinkies/Weekend Warriors/Squat Matresses/Rich Kids and by that i mean those of you who think that trying to live thise lifestyle will make you cool or give you "punk points" or whatever the fuck you kids are into these days. We don't want you here, you have no respect for trains or the lifestyle and i have absolutely no tolerance for shit like that.. I hate you in person, i'll hate you here.
-No twinkies/weekend warriors/squat matresses.
-Don't promote other communities, unless it has to do with this type of thing.

I hope everyone gets the point.
If you've got a question, e-mail the mod (xbrodyx) at puppy.crust@gmail.com


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