pthalo blues (greenriver) wrote in ghostriders,
pthalo blues

Only dead fish swim with the current...

This is an artwork by my friend elbo. He does work about people on the road. If you are in Vancouver BC canada over the next month there is a show at Gallery Gachet, 88 east cordova street in the downtown east side, by artists exploring the travellers' life and traveller art as the road to redemption from guilt and inner strife.

Some of my flicks from when I said fuck it and went train hopping and hitch hiking everywhere will be in the show, too.

A lot of the people in the show are also survivors of the psychiatric system which means they tried to get help but it screwed them up, worse. We're talking electroshock therapy or lobotmies or drugs or institutionalization.

So many of them decided to heal themselves through art. The title of this show is "Way to Bakersfield" after the Dwight Yoakam lyrics.

To learn more about outsider/self-taught/tramp art/raw art, go here. The Raw vision source book is another good resource for learning about outsider art galleries.

There are art galleries all over america, canada and europe for people who don't want to be in the "system".

This is the gallery's website

Finally, another helpful link for psych survivors is here.
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