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hey ya'll -
i know this isn't exactly community-appropriate, and for that i apologize. my best friend and i are traveling to philly next month via greyhound!! go greyhound!! leave the driving to them, the drinking in the back of the bus to us!! she got accepted to americorps and will be working in an inner-city school in philly next year (cuz school sucks... drop out of college!!) and i am going there with her in an attempt to find housing for her. thing is, we don't know ANYONE in philly - she has relatives in pittsburgh, but that's about it. so... does anyone know of any squats or cheap places to crash there? i mean, it's PHILADELPHIA, they must have some. also, any info you could provide (if you have any) about free food services, good dumpsters to get shit from (without a security hassle... they're getting worse about that in some places), and cheap-ass punk shows in the area, that'd be super tight. we're trying to do this on as little money as possible, and if you're smart enough, it's very easy to travel very cheaply... yes.
thanks for any help in advance, and i will post more community-related posts eventually... i promise. :) haven't done much traveling lately, what with college and whatnot.
peace, love, and anarchy,
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