The folks'll wonder 'bout the wedding, they won't listen to a word you said

Hello, all.

I know, it's been forever since I posted (and actually, if you remember, I bowed out of the community because the type of traveling I did wasn't the type expected here), but...

Since the last time I posted, I met some dude who became the love of my life and he taught me the wonders of hitch hiking, and January 18th of this year was the anniversary of my very first going-away-from-home excursion.

Looks like you've got another street kid in your midst. I know, one year, whoopee, I should try doing it for five or ten years like the guys I roll with, but hey. I might be a young pup, but fuck off.

Lovin' you.



I read back some of the entries and I noticed that the mod said she was undecided about me so I'll tell you this great story about one of my most memorable nights on the road...and the reminiscing will probably let loose a flood of stories so bear with me.

We were trying to get back to IllinoisCollapse )

Or, there's this really great story about this one time me and my guys were spanging and I said the most stupid thing in the world at the worst time ever.Collapse )

That's all for today, folks.


anti-war DC protest - give a poor hippie kid a ride!

hey ya'lls -
i was wondering if anyone is going to the anti-war protest in DC on the 24th (from michigan). i need a ride, and our fucked-up university offers transportation for $75/person, which i definitely don't have. i mean, i can chip in a bit of money for gas, but i really AM quite poor. but can definitely provide good conversation, good hippie food, good music, and uhh... dread your hair, if you so desire. :) word.

X posted in random locations.

Only dead fish swim with the current...

This is an artwork by my friend elbo. He does work about people on the road. If you are in Vancouver BC canada over the next month there is a show at Gallery Gachet, 88 east cordova street in the downtown east side, by artists exploring the travellers' life and traveller art as the road to redemption from guilt and inner strife.

Some of my flicks from when I said fuck it and went train hopping and hitch hiking everywhere will be in the show, too.

A lot of the people in the show are also survivors of the psychiatric system which means they tried to get help but it screwed them up, worse. We're talking electroshock therapy or lobotmies or drugs or institutionalization.

So many of them decided to heal themselves through art. The title of this show is "Way to Bakersfield" after the Dwight Yoakam lyrics.

To learn more about outsider/self-taught/tramp art/raw art, go here. The Raw vision source book is another good resource for learning about outsider art galleries.

There are art galleries all over america, canada and europe for people who don't want to be in the "system".

This is the gallery's website

Finally, another helpful link for psych survivors is here.


hey ya'll -
i know this isn't exactly community-appropriate, and for that i apologize. my best friend and i are traveling to philly next month via greyhound!! go greyhound!! leave the driving to them, the drinking in the back of the bus to us!! she got accepted to americorps and will be working in an inner-city school in philly next year (cuz school sucks... drop out of college!!) and i am going there with her in an attempt to find housing for her. thing is, we don't know ANYONE in philly - she has relatives in pittsburgh, but that's about it. so... does anyone know of any squats or cheap places to crash there? i mean, it's PHILADELPHIA, they must have some. also, any info you could provide (if you have any) about free food services, good dumpsters to get shit from (without a security hassle... they're getting worse about that in some places), and cheap-ass punk shows in the area, that'd be super tight. we're trying to do this on as little money as possible, and if you're smart enough, it's very easy to travel very cheaply... yes.
thanks for any help in advance, and i will post more community-related posts eventually... i promise. :) haven't done much traveling lately, what with college and whatnot.
peace, love, and anarchy,
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Recently I had the urge to get out of this state and city...
to find something new. I overlooked a lot of things and seemed
just plain distracted by such thoughts. But now I am seeing things
pretty clear. New things happen here all the time. I was so blind
and ignorant to the fact that there is so much already at my fingertips.
I think a lot of other people here think that way too. Almost as if
you have to leave the state to do something... like there isn't the potential
here or something. Like you have to be in D.C. to protest. Well I know different and hopefully we can get the juices flowing to others.

It's always cool to travel but there is already so much around you.
You never have to leave to find something different. I think maybe
I was just not appreciating it here but now I do. There is so much
oppurtunity. I don't really want to leave at all now. I want to experience
the full potential of my city and state before I go onto another.
There is so much I haven't seen or done here.

Where ever you are I hope you realize the same thing.

I mean I feel pretty rich... and everyone should because

I have a back yard full of stars and wherever you are you will always
have the stars and when you realize it that makes you the richest person in the world.