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The folks'll wonder 'bout the wedding, they won't listen to a word you said

Hello, all.

I know, it's been forever since I posted (and actually, if you remember, I bowed out of the community because the type of traveling I did wasn't the type expected here), but...

Since the last time I posted, I met some dude who became the love of my life and he taught me the wonders of hitch hiking, and January 18th of this year was the anniversary of my very first going-away-from-home excursion.

Looks like you've got another street kid in your midst. I know, one year, whoopee, I should try doing it for five or ten years like the guys I roll with, but hey. I might be a young pup, but fuck off.

Lovin' you.



I read back some of the entries and I noticed that the mod said she was undecided about me so I'll tell you this great story about one of my most memorable nights on the road...and the reminiscing will probably let loose a flood of stories so bear with me.

We were trying to get back to Illinois (where my boyfriend and I are from) from New Orleans, so we started walking. We ended up getting a ride to Nashville, and right when we got dropped off, it started raining.

We got under the highway to sit through the rain, and when it stopped, we started walking across the street under the highway to climb up to the other side. Right when we got to the road (the one passing under the highway), this truck pulled over. The man gave us a ride for about fifty miles and when he dropped us off, he said, "You need some money for food?" and since we had been in a car for the last twelve hours, we hadn't had time to spange. "Yeah, if that's okay," we reply.

He gets out, we get out, and he hands me a wad of cash with a fifty on the outside. I started flipping out about how awesome this dude was, and he got in his truck and left.

That dude gave us two hundred dollars. What?! I'm so glad there are still folks like that around the country. I had started to think that people helping people was dead, but I was wrong, and that's a good thing.

Or, there's this really great story about this one time me and my guys were spanging and I said the most stupid thing in the world at the worst time ever.

Basically, what happened was me, my boyfriend, our friend from Illinois, Jon, and some guy we adopted named Bud were all spanging outside this gas station somewhere in Alabama, maybe. There was a black lady next to us filling her tires with air or something, and she looked like she was going to help us out when she was finished. Then, I noticed a sign across the street in the window of a pecan store that said, "We Sell Pecans to Everyone."

"'We Sell Pecans to Everyone'? Who wouldn't they sell pecans to?" I wondered. So, I decided to read the sign out loud...with a little addition.

"'We Sell Pecans to Everyone'," I said out loud. "...Except blacks."

I was just trying to be funny! Of course, I completely lapsed on the fact that there was a black lady currently coming at us with a ten in her hand. She turned around immediately upon hearing me say that, as if that's a surprise.

Naturally, everyone started laughing, and I still haven't lived that down.

Let's all laugh at the girl that pretends to be racist, ha ha ha ha ha.

That's all for today, folks.

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