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Well, I hope this story qualifies...

I had flown back into Kuwait from the Phillipines (because I'm living here in Kuwait with my mom for a few months) and I needed to get my visa renewed. Men in Kuwait are notorious for being forward about asking women out, and so I felt a little wary about how the visa maestro was looking at me.

"Hello, you're back in Kuwait, I see?" He asks. Preliminary chitchat for what I know is coming. I nod. "How do you like it?" He asks.
"I think Kuwait is beautiful," I say, and eyeball my visa and passport which he held in his hands.
"Kuwait is beautiful because you're beautiful," he says. I wave off the comment with a smile.
He rested his hand solidly on my passport and visa.
"Can I have your number?"
I say no. He pulls the visa and passport back toward himself.
"Why not?"
I start to stammer. I'm not a good liar.
"I--um--well--you see, I have a boyfriend."
"No matter, no matter." He eyes me hungrily.
"Can I, um, have my passport back?"
"Only if I have your number first."
"Okay, okay," he hands my papers over. "I'm a bad man, a bad man."
He chuckles as I walk away.
Of course you're a bad man; you had to have known I'm seventeen; you stared at my passport for at least a minute!

Gotta love visa officials.

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